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That mystical 18th and 22nd degree in the natal chart

Do you or your loved ones have planets in the 18th and 22nd degrees in the natal chart? Have you ever wondered if the degrees add special meaning to the natal chart or not?

It just doesn’t make sense that Venus in the first degree of Scorpio would manifest in the same way as Venus in the last degree of Scorpio. (Decans and the terms indicate a slightly different manifestation, though. )

The 18th and 22nd degrees share a terrible reputation. However, no one should be worried. They have more positive manifestations than bad ones.

The 18th and 22nd Degrees, That Everyone Should Know About (degree theory) - AstroNiki (1)

The world-famous Serbian Astrologer Nikola Stojanovic came up with the “Degree theory.” He did research on the 18th and 22nd degrees for the first time. And he figured out that every degree has a special meaning.

In other words, when you read your natal chart, you should add the meaning of a particular degree.

Let’s say your Ascendant is at the 5th degree of Taurus. It means even if you have no planet in Leo and nothing in the 5th house (Leo analogy), you still carry some Leo qualities.

Why? Because the 5th degree is the Leo degree, as Leo is the 5th sign from Aries. If your Ascendant in Taurus is at the 6th degree, you would have Virgo qualities because the 6th degree is the Virgo degree.

I hope you get the logic of how the degrees work. Here you can find out more about each of the degrees and their meanings.

Why the 18th and 22nd degrees are significant?

The 18th degree is a Virgo degree, but it plays out differently than the 6th degree, which is also the Virgo degree. 18th degree can indicate a bad fortune or severe health issues according to Nikola Stojanovic’s degree theory. He used to consider that the “evil degree”, or the “mean degree”.

The secrets and meaning of the 18th-degree+ examples

As the Zodiac Sign Virgo has a fair share of great qualities and character traits, according to my personal research the 18th degree, the so-called evil degree most of the time carries the Virgo qualities. Such as being knit-picking, and the ability to pay attention to details. Or might indicate an occupation that Virgo rules, such as being a nutritionist, a doctor of some sort, or giving service to others.

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Ascendant at the 18th degree in the natal chart

The 22nd degree is the Capricorn degree. However, it is different than the 10th degree, which is also the Capricorn degree. The 22nd degree can indicate that a native’s loved one passed/passed away. And the native carries the grief for such a long time. (For example, in the chart of Prince Harry.) The worst-case scenario, as Nikola said could indicate to kill or to be killed.

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The 18th and 22nd degrees occurred during worldly events.

One of my research results is a repeating pattern in the chart of events that shakes the whole world. (Not only do people have an astrological chart, but events as well.)

This repeating pattern is that when something happens that affects millions of people, at least two planets are either in the 18th or 22nd degree.

According to Nikola’s theory, the 18th degree is an “evil degree,” while the 22nd can be deadly/fatal. These repeating patterns show up in the charts of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs, the Chornobyl explosion, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in 2004.

These are fascinating “astrological explorations” and the late Nikola Stojanovic really did a great groundwork on his degree theory. However, the fast-moving planets reach these two particular degrees every month. And thankfully such disastrous events are quite rare. Still, should not be ignored or be taken lightheartedly because those events aforementioned events happened when planets were at the 18th and 22nd degree.

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The 18th and 22nd Degrees, That Everyone Should Know About (degree theory) - AstroNiki (2)
Having the 18th and the 22nd degree in the natal chart

If you happen to have one of the 18th or 22nd degrees in your natal chart, I ask you kindly not to worry about them. I just mentioned the worst possible scenarios, but they can indicate much more positive things, and most of the time, they manifest on a higher/more positive level.

The 18th degree can indicate Virgo qualities to that particular planet, or house cusp, which is there.

So, for example, if you have the Moon in the 18th degree, you might have a mother (Moon) who has Virgo qualities. Such as she is critical and knit-picking, or very good at details, or she is a doctor, a nutritionist, etc.

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Sun at the 18th degree + Examples

If you have planets or house cusps at the 22nd degree it might add Capricorn qualities to your planets. For example, if your Sun is in the 22nd degree, you don’t have to worry if your father (Sun) dies early or will be killed. It can indicate a father who has Capricorn qualities, such as being hard-working, or emotionally cold and distant, or you personally might be a workaholic (Capricorn quality).

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The purpose of astrology is not to scare you for sure. Instead providing you with guidance, understanding, and remedies if needed. The 18th and 22nd degrees in the natal chart can bring stunning results, not just bad fortune, mind you.

Do you have them in your natal chart? If yes, how do they play out in your life? Please, share it in the comments below; I’m really curious about your experiences! Cheers, Niki

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