Wawasee School Board Takes First Step Toward Building New School (2024)

SYRACUSE - To build a new school, a school corporation has to take the process step by step.

On Nov. 4, the Wawasee School Board took another step to building a new North Webster Elementary school by agreeing to purchase two properties for $322,092, Don Huber, Wawasee Schools director of finance told the school board Tuesday.

The two properties combined total 68 acres and are being sold by Joe Barrett and Richard Kistler. The properties are at the intersection of CRs 750E and 600N.

The board approved the school corporation's financial report for October even though it contained an error that was not caught by the board until Huber was notified after the meeting.

For the debt service fund, the beginning and the ending balances were both $265,206.55. However, disbursem*nts were listed as $872,590, which would have made the ending balance more than $600,000 in the red.

Huber said today the disburement figure was a typing error. The correct figure for disbursem*nts should have been zero. The $872,590 was disbursed in September.

In other business, the school board approved a teachers' contract amendment on retirement pay. All administrators meeting the same requirements will have their retirement severance pay computed on the same basis as teachers in the Wawasee Community Educators' Association.

Under the amendment, a teacher must be 55 years old and must have completed 10 years of service in the Wawasee School Corporation to be vested. The teacher gets the full amount at death or if they declare Social Security disability.

The board will provide a single health, vision and dental insurance premium (minus $1) for one year after retirement.

All teachers employed on July 1, 1999, will be eligible for the plan. Teachers hired after that date will become participants the following Jan. 1.

Board president Jeff Wells said, "I know this is a rather complex issue. We've had several meetings on it."

Board member Marion Acton said, "I think it's the right move for both groups. As time moves on, it's becoming more tight for our corporation." He said it is a progressive move and is putting the district out front. "It's a plan that should be put on the books for both parties."

The school board also approved advertising for the sale of tax anticipation warrants in the amount of $2.5 million for the general fund and $500,000 for the transportation fund. The maturity period for the warrants will be from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2000. The sale of the warrants is necessary to supplement the school corporation's cash flow requirements for 2000.

The board adopted a policy requiring a minimum of 40 credits for high school graduation, beginning with the class of 2004. The policy states a student must also meet the standards on the Graduation Qualifying Exam as set forth by the Indiana Department of Education.

The board also gave a second reading of policies that state that a student who does not meet the GQE but completes 40 credits, beginning with the class of 2004, and who meets all other criteria is eligible for a certificate of completion. Students who have met other requirements but not the requirements necessary to earn a diploma or certificate of completion will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

Wawasee School Board approved the donation of a truck to the WHS vocational program. The truck, valued at $1,500, was donated by NAPA Auto Parts.

The board also approved a sixth-grade overnight field trip to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Mich. The trip is an annual event and will take place in the spring.

Commissioners Approve Grant Funding Requests

BY DAVID SLONE, Times-Union Staff Writer

Many area service agencies and organizations rely on grants to help fund their programs, operations and equipment.

Tuesday, the Kosciusko County Commissioners approved the Kosciusko County Local Coordinating Council's recommendation for 2000 grant funding requests.

The volunteer council is a part of the Governor's Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana that takes applications for funds and recommends use of grant funds to the commissioners. The funds do not come from taxes but from user fees paid by people convicted of drug- and alcohol-related crimes.

More than $227,976.95 was requested for 2000. The LCC will award $80,000 for 2000.

Grants are broken down into three categories. In the prevention and education category, the LCC will award $24,750. Receiving the highest amounts are the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department's DARE program, $8,000; Boys & Girls Club of Kosciusko County, SMART moves program, $6,500; and the Warsaw Police Department DARE, $5,000.

In the intervention and treatment category, $11,500 of the $20,000 being awarded will go to Otis R. Bowen Center programs. The remaining $8,500 will go to the 24 Hour Club's All 12 Step Programs. The 24 Hour Club is being awarded $5,000 more than they requested.

The largest sum of money is being awarded in the law enforcement and judicial category. Of the $28,750 awarded, $10,000 will go to the sheriff's department for equipment. The Kosciusko County Gang Task Force will receive $4,000, and New Frontiers will receive $7,350 for their Courtrooms to Classrooms/teen court programs.

LCC will retain $6,500 for coordinator and council operating expenses.

In other business, the commissioners approved the operating and capital contracts for KABS for 2000. They approved a three-year computer lease agreement for the Extension office. Commissioners approved allowing the Salvation Army to place their tree of lights on the courthouse lawn.

County Administrator Ron Robinson told the commissioners the county judges' recommendations for the public defenders board are Jane Kauffman and John Hall. The commissioners approved Maurice Beer as their appointee to the board. [[In-content Ad]]

Wawasee School Board Takes First Step Toward Building New School (2024)
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